Your Hotel accommodation and PMTT supplementary support:

We arrange your accommodation with great care, listening to your needs and helping to meet these. Our tour packages include from budget through to de-luxe hotel accommodation.

We can arrange budget accommodation, including homestays, which can be suitable for those more interested in independent travel services, than structured itinerary tour packages.

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Main hotel accommodation price bands based on per person per night:

The following prices are divided into 3 price bands, based on per person per night (pppn): some reductions are available for two people/couples, and there can be minor adjustments in prices for currency exchange fluctuations and depending on the time/date of booking and seasonal (low or high tourist seasons) variations.

Lower: £25-£50 (approx.) pppn

Middle range: £50-£75+ (approx.) pppn

Higher range: £100+ pppn

All of our tours hotel accommodation are prearranged and agreed with you prior to payment, so that you know about the hotel(s) you will be staying at.  We work with good, including high quality hotels across the country as well as in Kathmandu. These include, for example, the Kathmandu Guesthouse chain, the five star Radisson and Yak & Yeti hotels.

Supplementary hotel stay support:

As part of PMTT services we ensure through our couriers/guides, that your particular needs – preferred foods, about particular dietary needs, room service support where required, etc. — are catered for and understood by hotel staff.


Kathmandu Home-stays are a further option that we can arrange for those international travellers that may have already visited Nepal before, and who seek greater opportunity to learn about Nepali life and society by staying for some of the time of their PMTT tour in a home-stay setting.

The charge for home-stays is on a per night & day basis, and includes lunch and dinner board — a very good opportunity to experience high quality Nepali home cooked food, and learn more about Nepal’s people and their great culture!