Adventure & Trekking Tour Bespoke service

Tour code: TP3

Duration: 10 days to 3+ weeks

We can facilitate adventure and trekking bespoke travel services to many destinations (either well-established, or currently little known/’undiscovered’) for international visitors who seek to explore and come to know Beautiful Nepal, in more depth.

Features & options include, for example (other adventure options can be discussed and arranged on request by you):

  • White water rafting
  • Trekking in well known, or remote/’undiscovered’ parts of Nepal
  • Paragliding

These services will include hotel accommodation two nights stay at the beginning and conclusion of your visit, with hotel or home-stay accommodation for the number of nights you choose between. For information please see our Hotels/Accommodation page

We will provide you with a quote based on type of trekking or adventure tour that you are seeking, and its duration.  The supplementary guide/courier services provided cover all aspects of your needs regarding the type of bespoke adventure and/or trekking experience you request; they include guidance on safety, the particulars and history of the given locations, support on catering/diet needs additional to those provided at your accommodation, help with photography opportunities, and much more.

If you would like to have more information on the tour or wish to select the 14, 21, 21+ days options, please call us on ……. or use our enquiry form (quoting the Tour Code, given above).