About The Federation of Sexual & Gender Minorities Nepal [FSGMN]:

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Founded in 2007, FSGMN is an umbrella organization, which coordinates and guides the activities of 40 registered Community Based Organizations (CBOs) as well as an additional 13 organizations, which are in the process of becoming officially registered with the government of Nepal.

FSGMN in addition to its coordination, consulting functions, also is a trusted vehicle for member organizations in the fields of capacity building, network strengthening and training for management, supervisory personnel and employees in a wide variety of areas.
FSGMN presently receives limited funding from Save the Children, Family Health International – 360, and UNICEF. These funds helps to provide guidance, training and practical services throughout Nepal via our 53 member organizations, the depth of our support is sharply limited due to the limited funding available to FSGMN itself. As our roll of member organizations as well as organizational and developmental services has grown exponentially in the past several years, we would like to reach out to interested national and international organizations to spread awareness of this acute need for assistance, which will help us to boost our national campaign to secure LGBTI rights and wellbeing of LGBTIs including HIV/Aids interventions together with our partner CBOs across the country.

                                              FSGMN office meeting  World AIDS Day concert

Never has there been a greater need for support through continued progress and greater unity and cooperation in the development of services to the many subgroups and focus areas of aid to LGBTI communities in Nepal. Gay Men, Lesbians, Transgender and Intersex individuals, Persons Living with HIV, Sex Workers, Youth and Adolescents—all have suffered stigma and discrimination in Nepal’s conservation social environment, despite some improvements into the overall situation. FSGMN’s funding of diverse service groups often provides the only refuge for members of these minorities, both in small townships and urban areas of Nepal. And needless to say the needs of expanding outreach and services to LGBTI in the vast and remote rural areas are urgent. FSGMN has been supporting our partners with slow pace and being low-key but we are seeking to change this to match the fast changing socio-political scenario of Nepal. For that more resources would help FSGMN to realize its potential.

FSGMN seeks to raise greater awareness of the pivotal role our organization plays in providing services throughout Nepal that touch the lives of Nepalese LGBTI people throughout the country who are in dire need of assistance.

If you would like to know more about the FSGMN and, or, support its work you can contact it on: fsgmn@yahoo.com