Support Nepal’s LGBT Community

Nepal’s LGBT community needs your help to build on our human rights and anti-discrimination work, legendary in South Asia.  You can help by:

Booking with us!  10% of the cost of your tour service or package is actually automatically donated to the LGBT human rights movement, enabling it to sustain and further develop its work for the Nepali LGBT community.  We give this money to special needful LGBT people in Nepal, such as to help sex workers develop mainstream employability skills in order to end the vulnerability and exploitation they are subject too. Uses of the PMTT donation goes on, for example English language skills courses, hotel and hospitality industry training, tourist industry guide training, cookery skills training, and other forms of self-empowerment through enhanced employability skills for members of our community to put into action our guiding vision of Sustainability and Empowerment through Change.

  • You can also help by sharing with LGBT brothers and sisters in your country, on your return, about the friendliness of Nepal’s LGBT community and its courage in seeking change in the fight against homophobia and transphobia
  • Make international friendships

Other ways to help (appropriate to those overseas visitors with supportive interests in the LGBT equality and human rights movements of their own countries):
  • Establish links with Blue Diamond Society
  • Support the Happy Home LGBT venue project — promoting awareness of it to friends in the LGBT business community of your own country