PMTT Background

PMTT was established in 2009 (please see our registration certificate below) as an initiative of Sunil Babu Pant (the founder of the Blue Diamond Society), and we are registered as a ‘PVT’ (Limited Company) in Nepal.  Between 2010 and early 2016 some PMTT services were developed, and key figures in our team, supported facilitation of a number of lesbian and gay wedding and same-sex partnership blessings.

Details about some of these are provided elsewhere on our website, but they only tell the details of international LGBT couples that wished to have their weddings and related spiritual rites publicised via, as they wished, to the global LGBT world.

The PMTT team has been instrumental for effecting social and economic change to empower LGBT people, and for being responsible for a number of other lesbian and gay couples having private weddings and same sex blessing ceremonies in Nepal that have never featured for reasons of respect for privacy, in the public domain.

From November 2016 PMTT is, in conjunction with the creation of this website and international marketing, publicising awareness of our now further expanded and formalised services.

 PMTT registration certificate