About our Guides/Couriers

All PMTT guides and couriers are carefully selected for their professionalism and friendliness in interacting with clients, their level of English language proficiency and conversational skills, knowledge of the international level expertise in courier and guide services, and personal dedicated and enthusiastic interest in and ability to share knowledge about Nepali culture across all key domains.

Our guides are also LGBT activists, mainly from the Blue Diamond Society [BDS], and in some cases also the FSGMN, and as guides and couriers of PMTT feel privileged to be in effect ‘ambassadors’ for Nepal’s LGBT Human Rights movement.

As such they are not ordinary travel agency guides and couriers, but each and every one of them regard you, our greatly honored potential client, and fellow brother or sister of the global/international community, with Respect, as well as friendship and professionalism.

They will provide you throughout the period of your greatly esteemed stay in Nepal, with high quality support for all aspects of the tour, and/or bespoke travel plan you have booked with us.