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If you would like to book, or make an enquiry about booking one of our tours and services please use the enquiry form below, giving the tour package or service required and including its number/code as the title at the start of the form.  We will respond within 48 hours.

Our dedicated LGBT services:

Same-sex wedding and partnership blessing services:

Option One – Code: WPBS1
Option Two – Code: WPBS2

Marriage or Civil Partnership, Blue Diamond Society facilitated service registration:

Option One — stand-alone service (no wedding or civil partnership blessing service) — Code: MCP1

Option Two — including with the service either Option One (Code: WPBS1) or Option Two (Code: WPBS2 ) of our Same-sex wedding and civil partnership blessing services — Code: MCP2

Our other tours and packages:

Kathmandu & meet LGBT Nepal package – Code: TP1

General Nepal Tour package – Code: TP2

Adventure & Trekking Bespoke Tour Package – Code: TP3

Arts Tour Package – Code: TP4

Cultural Tours:

Option 1 — Code: TP5

Option 2 — Code: TP6

Option 3 — Code: TP7

Meditation & Mountains Bespoke Tour Package – Code: TP8